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Get ready for some super Halloween-y nail art!

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I feel like I haven’t done a whole post dedicated to nail art in a long, long time!  Well, hold on to your hats because now I finally have one and it is all Halloween nail art witch is even better.  (See what I did there?! 😉 )

Winstonia is releasing new Halloween themed stamping plates and they sent me a few to review.  I will be showing you nail art today featuring “Horror Night,” “Hallo-scream,” and “Spooktacular” stamping plates.

For all of these looks I used the Winstonia Jumbo Clear Stamper and their scraper.  I kept the stamping simple in just black and white so you can see the designs.

I was also provided with a code to save my readers some money! Woot!  Use the code DELISHIOUSNAILS10 to save 10% between now and December 15th.



The first look is a spider mani.  Spiders are super creepy and perfect for Halloween!  The base polish I used is “Empty Heart” by Colors by Llarowe.  I then sponged on some white polish and stamped over it using black stamping polish and the Hallo-scream plate.

winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-hallo-scream-colors-by-llarowe-spiders-6 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-hallo-scream-colors-by-llarowe-spiders-12



I am officially obsessed with this one and if it were just skulls I would have worn it longer.  The base for this one is “Little Black Dress” by Glisten and Glow.  I then sponged on Cupcake Polish in “I’m a Soccer for Green” and “Not My Vault.”  Next, I stamped over it using the Horror Night plate and white stamping polish.

winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-horror-night-cupcake-polish-3 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-horror-night-cupcake-polish-5



This one is so fun!  I started with a gradient using three creme polishes by Nasty Nails and then used black stamping polish and the Spooktacular plate.  I’m loving these Jack-o-Lanterns!

winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-spooktacular-nasty-nails-polish-jack-o-lanterns-4 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-spooktacular-nasty-nails-polish-jack-o-lanterns-3 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-spooktacular-nasty-nails-polish-jack-o-lanterns-2



Let me preface this with…I wasn’t sure I was going to share this one or not.  In person this was awesome, but it didn’t photograph well.  Either way, here it is.  The base is a smooshy mani using “Berries in the Snow,” “Sir Purr,” and “Fairy Dust” all by Colors by Llarowe.  I then stamped over it with black stamping polish and a handful of images from the Horror Night plate.

winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-horror-night-colors-by-llarowe-smooshy-nails-2 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-horror-night-colors-by-llarowe-smooshy-nails-4 winstonia-halloween-stamping-plate-horror-night-colors-by-llarowe-smooshy-nails-3

I had zero issues with these plates!  Zero!  And since I usually have at least one or two issues with stamping plates I was stoked!  All of the images pick up well and are all etched to perfection.  The Jumbo Clear Stamper was another amazing bonus.  No priming (because it is clear you will ruin it and it will get cloudy) needed and it picked up every single image, every single time!

Make sure to grab these plates before Halloween is over! You can buy all three as a set here.  Use my code DELISHIOUSNAILS10 to save 10%.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi! I love your blog and your nails are so beautiful! I am looking for a little stamping advice. I’ve tried two jumbo clear stampers, and I CAN NOT get them to pick up an image. Do you know something I can try, or do you have a clear stamper to recommend that works really well? I feel like I must be doing something wrong because I’ve failed with two. Maybe I’m scraping off too much polish? Anyway, if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you!! Do you roll your stamper over the plate or do you dab down onto the image? If I were you I would just play around. Try different plates, polishes, scrapers. But the Winstonia one is my new favorite!!!

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