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Beautiful chrome and holo nail powder!

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Many brands have been introducing us to holo and chrome powder over the past couple of months.  What’s Up Nails is the first one I am able to use without gel polish.  I am still a beginner but with tutorials and the help of friends I was finally able to use it and make it look right! Semi-right anyway.

I was sent three chrome powders and one holo powder.  The holo powder still may be my kryptonite, but I am learning!  The chrome powders were a bit easier for me, except for the silver.  I didn’t even add that to my blog because I had such a hard time with it.  It went on fine, don’t get me wrong, it just didn’t look right.  It was more shimmery than mirror like and it is so messy! There was so much on my fingers that the pictures were just awful.  Plus I gave up after the 3rd finger…  This one was everywhere! On me, my table, my hair, my camera, my laptop, and my dog.  He sure did look pretty though! 😉




Fantasy is a shifty purple to pink to gold chrome powder.  I first applied a regular black polish and then using my fingertips I lightly rubbed on the powder.  I then topped it with UNT peel off base (as to not dull the chrome) and then with a glossy top coat.

whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-2 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-4 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-3 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-5 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-6 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-7 whats-up-nails-fantasy-powder-8



Fairy is a beautiful pink to gold to green chrome.  It looks more purple in my photos but in person it was a dark pink.  I applied this the same as above.  This is my favorite of the two!

whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-5 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-3 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-2 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-6 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-4 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-7 whats-up-nails-fairy-chrome-powder-green-purple-8



This one made me a bit angry.  I want it to look flawless and it really doesn’t.  Don’t look too close!  Hindsight is 20/20 and now I realize I should have rubbed some on my tips.  No biggie.  This was an experiment for me.  I can always try again.  I also applied this one like I did the chrome powders.  I think next time I won’t use a black base and will try gray so maybe my tips and mistakes won’t be so noticeable. 😉

whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-1 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-4 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-2 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-5 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-3 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-7 whats-up-nails-holo-powder-holographic-nails-8

All of these powders are available now at the What’s Up Nails Store.  Everything ships from Arizona and arrives fast!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So you just rub these into regular polish without any coating first (I’ve heard peel-off base, water based top or base coat, etc)? That’s fantastic! I wonder about using a holo silver as the base color for the holo powder, that way any flaws will be unnoticeable and the holo powder will just amp up the base shade. What do you think? I look forward to seeing more posts on these! 😀

    1. I just rubbed them on with my finger tips to slightly tacky polish. Not so tacky that it will smear but tacky enough that the powder adheres. It is definitely a trial and error type of situation. I think holo silver under the holo would be interesting. I may have to try it.

  2. Thanks for reviewing and being honest about the challenges with the powders. The effect is amazing though So worth the effort. Your photos are fabulous!

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