What’s Up Nails Flakies

Today I am going to be sharing the new flakies by What’s Up Nails.  They are sort of like the chrome and holo powders I showed you here, but much easier to apply!  Right now they have 6 different ones in their store.  I will be showing you three of those. *Photo Heavy Post!*

The flakies can be applied over any polish (regular or gel) with your fingertip, sponge, or eyeshadow applicator.  I chose to use the eyeshadow applicator because these flakies can be messy!


I first applied a plain black cream polish and let it dry a minute or two.  You want the polish to be tacky but not wet.  I then dipped my eyeshadow brush into the pot of flakies and then dabbed onto my nail.  I didn’t need to apply any pressure or rub in like you have to do with the holo and chrome powders.  I applied only one coat of top coat, but you may need two to make sure it is smooth to the touch.


“Blossom” is an assortment of deep purple/burgundy, green, and gold flakies.


“Exotic” has green, blue, purple, and red flakies.

I then added a matte top coat.


“Mermaid” consists of green, blue, and gold flakies.  The flakes in this one seem to be larger than the others.  This one has less shards and more actual flakes.  Think “fish food.” 😉

All in all these are great!  I think for a beginner this is much easier than dealing with the powders.  The shift is amazing in all of them!  You can also play around and put them over different colors of polish.  I just used black for the blog post.

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