TV Frenzy! Collection by Frenzy Polish

I had the opportunity to swatch for Frenzy polish for their upcoming collection.  This is a must have for any polish addict like myself!


This collection blew my mind!  The variety, the colors, the names, the holo!  All of it is spectacular! This collection is all based on tv shows that we all know and love.  All of the names are so fitting to the shows they are based on. The entire collection is available for pre-order at a discounted price plus free shipping on August 3rd at 9 am EST until August 5th at 9pm EST.  The actual launch is set for August 7th at 7pm EST.  Do not hesitate in buying these!  You will not regret it!  Rachel is a polish making wizard!


I separated this into two parts like I did with her gamer collection, but this time only one post.  This is the first five…


Top left to right: “Winchester”, “Save the Cheerleader”

Bottom left to right: “Suck it!”, “Penny! Penny! Penny!”, “4 8 15 16 23 42”

Let’s get on with the swatches.


This is “Winchester” based on the show Supernatural. This steel gray holo is packed with multi-colored holo glitters and is ah-maze-ing!  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


These two first pictures were taken in the sun.


This photo is in artificial lighting and still stunning!  I love Frenzy’s polish indoors, but once outside it is always BAM! more gorgeousness!


This is “Save the Cheerleader” based on the show Heroes.  It is a beautiful pink-ish, fuchsia holo with extra pink shimmer.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


I could stare at this color all day!


The photo taken inside shows the holo just as well.


This is “Suck It!” based on the show Psych.  It is a bright but light green holo with a gold shimmer.  I have been in search of a light green holo and I have finally found it.  Love this!  Shown is two coats plus top coat.



I should have applied another coat of this polish because my smile line is still somewhat visible, so I will remember that for next time.


This is “4 8 15 16 23 42” based on the show LOST.  And if you were a fan of this show then you need no explanation.  This teal and blue holo has so much shimmer, but it seemed to be a bit camera shy.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.



I especially love the application of this brand.  The brush is wide and flat which I find to be a huge plus.  Everything goes on super smooth and the dry time is fast!


This is “Penny! Penny! Penny!” based on the show The Big Bang Theory, and every time I say that name I want to knock!  This polish was very tricky to photograph.  It is a copper multi-chrome that shifts to gold, red, and green.  It also has a bit of shimmer to it.  Shown is 3 thin coats and top coat.



In this photo you can see more of the green and gold.  So stunning!

That concludes part one.  Keep reading!

Part 2



More macros!

Top left to right: “Timelord”, “If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me”, If You Don’t Fight You Die”

Bottom left to right: “All Magic Comes With a Price”, “Full On Zombie”


This is “Timelord” based on the show Dr. Who.  And one of my new favorite blues! This polish dries matte with no need for topcoat.  Shown is 3 coats.



It may look a little shiny in the picture but that is just because of the lighting.


This is “If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me” based on the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  This was super tricky for me.  First, my favorite color is purple, but purple polish obviously makes me look like a vampire, so I guess it is fitting to the theme.  This deep purple jelly is filled with flakies and glitter.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.



My skin is so white against this polish that I almost look like I am glowing!  But don’t worry, in real life my skin looked fine.  It was just a photography issue.


This is “If You Don’t Fight You Die” based on The Walking Dead, hands down one of my all time favorite shows.  And to be honest, when I first saw this polish I was skeptical.  I did not think I was going to like it.  Then I put it on and all of these little purple shimmers and tiny flakies jumped out at me and I was in love!  This also has a matte finish, so I applied no top coat.  Shown is three thin coats.



I imagine this would look great shiny too!


This is “All Magic Comes With a Price” based on Once Upon a Time and if you are a fan of the show then you just read that in Rumpelstiltskin’s voice. This is a glitter filled crelly with hints of gold and blue.  The macro above really showcases the iridescent glitter in it.  Show is three thin coats.



This color also washed me out a bit in the artificial lighting.


This is “Full On Zombie” based on the show iZombie.  A new show, but a great one!  Same with this textured polish.  Shown is two coats and no top coat to enhance the texture.



I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed swatching these polishes.  This collection is amazing!  Make sure to check out my other Frenzy swatches here.  And check out Rachel’s store here.  And don’t forget to set your alarm for the pre-order!


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