Tie-Dye Jellies

I was sent the new Tie-Dye Jellies by Pipedream Polish to water marble with.  They marble like a dream!

Press Sample Delishious Nails_

Launching June 29th at 1pm EST is the newest collection by Pipedream Polish (PDP).  This is the first time I was contacted by April for swatching, even though I didn’t actually need to swatch, only to play with her newest line.

All of these new polishes marble super well!  I haven’t had any issues with any of these jellies.

Here are some bottle shots!

Yellow – Punch Buggy, Orange – Lava Lamp, Green – Groovy

Pdp tie dye jellies bottles

Blue – Bell Bottoms, Purple – Flower Power, Pink – Hippy Chick

The prices of the full sets will be $47 plus shipping.  Individuals will be $8 each plus shipping.

*Every time I do a watermarble I use a glass votive holder filled with room temperature distilled water and my Pure Color 7 watermarble tool from What’s Up Nails. 

For this first watermarble I used Prism Drop as the base.  It is a silver holo also from Pipedream Polish.

Pdp tie dye jellies watermarble prism drop

The jellies marbled really well over top of the holo.  I just did a normal floral petal design for this look using Hippy Chick, Bell-Bottoms, and Flower Power from the Tie-Dye Jellies as well as Clearwater.

For the next look I used all of the jellies except for the green even though it looks like it is there, it isn’t.  That is just how the blue and yellow mixed.Pdp tie dye jellies watermarble

The design has been named the “Back and Forth” and is really just that simple.  I did this over a white base to make the jellies really pop like neons.  I din’t add a top coat to this look and just left it matte.

The last look I am sharing with you today is one using all of the jellies.

Pdp watermarble tie dye jellies

I am not sure what type of design this is.  I made my bullseye and started with a pointy petal look and added two lines towards the middle for something a little different.  (I did that one other time last summer using the ANIVC also by PDP.)  I did this over a white base and added a high shine top coat.

These watermarbles can be seen on Facebook and Instagram.  The tutorials will all be shared onto Instagram.

I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I do.  I plan on playing with these beauties more so keep checking back!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! These watermarbles are amazing! I would pay for your watermarbles! I just found your blog and you do beautiful swatches, but these watermarbles leave me speechless! Look forward to see more on your instagram acct.

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