The Best Watermarble Polishes

So many people ask me what the best brands are to watermarble with…

There are so many brands and so many different combinations that it is a very hard question to answer.  Every polish I own has been tested in the water.  And just because a certain brand marbles well, doesn’t mean that every polish they make will work well.

In this post I am going to show you what happens with some drugstore and mainstream polishes.  I decided not to test the indies that I own for this post since they are my coveted possessions. 😉


These are the brands I will be showing you:

Pure Ice

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Wet and Wild Wild Shines

Sinful Colors

Salon Perfect

Color Club

China Glaze

Morgan Taylor


I will also be grading these polishes.  On a scaled from 1-10.  Ten being the best to watermarble with and 1 being the worst.  Remember this is my opinion and I am not trying to sway you into buying or not buying any certain brand.  I do not get any compensation for this post, just trying to help watermarble beginners out!

This is not a tutorial in any way, just a comparison.  And just so you know, no matter what brand it is, if the polish is too old and goopy, it will not spread.  A bit of nail polish thinner (not acetone) can be added to the polish and you might get one or two good rings out of it, but don’t expect miracles.

I am going to use the same exact cup as well as distilled room temperature water for every brand I test.  The only difference will be the polish and the pattern.  And since I know which polishes of mine always spread the best I had my kids pick out the colors for each brand that I would be testing.  That way this is random and not rigged.


Starting with Pure Ice, from left to right: Can’t Stop, Love, Teal Appeal


I was able to get 9 rings of polish, but as you can see the orange didn’t allow the next color to spread as well.  This polish dried very fast and was hard to draw a design in.


Look at the edges of the lines and you can see where the polish dried too fast and clumped up.

I will give this brand a 3.


Next is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.  From left to right:  Pacific Blue, Coral Reef, White On


Sally Hansen is one of the brands I learned to watermarble with so it will always have a place in my heart.  I did 12 polishes rings here and I could have added more.


These polishes spread like butter and are a dream in the water.

I rate this a 10!


The new (ish) Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes are beautiful cremes.  From left to right: Do Pass Go, Who Is Ultra Violet?, Tickled Pink


They may be pretty, but I only achieved 6 sad looking rings in this bullseye.  I have seen some girls do wonderful watermarbles with this brand, maybe just not these specific colors…


These polishes dried way too fast!  See all of that clumping?  Definitely not a brand I will try again in the water.

Survey says…2.  They would have gotten a 1, but they are still so pretty! 😉


Sinful Colors is a great brand!  And they don’t break the bank either!  From left to right: Boom Boom, Rise and Shine, Tempest


Using this brand I got 12 beautiful rings.  I am never disappointed with Sinful Colors and I will always have a few in my arsenal.


They work great!  And my boys didn’t do such a bad job picking out the colors either.

I give this brand a 10!


Salon Perfect…I honestly don’t have much to say.  I have only played with them a few times and have never been truly impressed.  From left to right: Bermuda Baby, Traffic Cone, A Royal Affair


Six pathetic rings.  This dried so fast for me that I wasn’t sure I would even get that last drop in.  And just so you know, I had no fans or ac running.


This is why I am not impressed.  Just sad…

I rate this at a 1.


Color Club Pastel Neons.  From left to right:  Hot Hot Hot Pants, Til The Record Stops, Meet Me At The Rink


With these pastels I was able to get 9 rings.  I have successfully watermarbled with this before, the purple is the only one that ever gave me trouble.  This is not the result you will get for all Color Clubs, this is only for the Pastel Neons since their formula is a bit different.


These spread fairly well and didn’t dry too fast in the water.  If you have these, try them in the water.  But they are not something I would tell you to buy just so you could watermarble with them.

I give these a 6.


China Glaze Electric Nights.  I could not wait to get my hands on these in the spring!  I was so excited after hearing all of these amazing things.  Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful and are vibrant and bright, but not made for the water. It can be done…I have done it.  I just don’t think they are the best option.  From left to right: Glow With The Flow, DJ Blue My Mind, Plur-ple


Right on the front of the CG bottles it says it contains nail hardeners.  Nail hardening polish is not a watermarbler’s bff.  I did get 9 rings in the bullseye, but there are so many other neons that could have gotten me to 15.


It did start drying faster on me than I would have liked.  But overall they do work.

I will give these a 5.


Morgan Taylor…sigh…I love this brand!  I know it is super pricey and many think that using them for watermarbles is crazy, but they scream out to be watermarbled with!  From left to right: Don’t Touch Me I’m Radioactive, Go For The Glow, Watt Yel-lookin At?


I achieved 8 rings using these three colors.  The 2nd drop of the blue caused me some issues.  But so many of their other colors are wonderful in the water.


They didn’t dry in the water while I made the design, which is always a plus!

Going off of this experiment and not my previous experience with MT, I am giving them a 7.


Last but certainly not least is O.P.I.  One of my favorite mainstream brands ever!  Again, on the pricey side, but still lush!  From left to right: My Dogsled Is A Hybrid, Can’t Find My Czechbook, Embrace The Gray


Using these three shades I got 9 rings in my bullseye.  I think the gray was screwing it up.


I still got a fairly decent design out of it but the gray ended up spreading more when I used my watermarble tool.

I am rating this at a 7 based only on this watermarble shown, not on any previous times I have used O.P.I.

I hope that some of this information has helped you.  And if you have stayed with me for this long I want to thank you!  Please check out my watermarbles using almost all of these brands here.

Any questions or comments please let me know!  Thanks!

  1. This is so helpful! I have often seen the Sally Hansen and Sinful Colors in cheap stores and now I know they are better at marbling I will be giving them a try. ANIVC are the only ones that give me marbling confidence bit I need some cheaper polishes to practice with. I had zero success with drawing a design with the CC pastel neons. I’m guessing it’s the purple that messed it up.

    1. So glad this helped you! And if I would have compared indies, ANIVC definitely would have been at the top of the list. Yeah the CC pastel neons are tricky!! Thanks Claire!

  2. Omg!! This helped so much! I felt the same about China Glaze.. I learned to water marble with them and now that I know better I switched out. I use color club (the blue and green you have there) and they’re awesome!!

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