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De-­Lish-­Ious-­Nails is my personal blog that is written and edited by me. All opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by brands, makers, affiliates or advertisers. Questions and comments can be sent to me here.

For brands/makers: I am willing to swatch and review nail polish and/or nail care products. I am also open to ads and sponsored content that is related to the content of my blog.

Samples/products: I will only accept full size nail polish. In my experience the brushes in the mini bottles make the product more difficult to apply which ends up showing in pictures and because of that your product could be given an unfair negative review when the bottle is causing the problem not the actual formula. Also, the full size bottles are easier to pose with in photos. This way your customers and my readers are able to see the label clearly.

Use of photos: If you provide me with a product for review you will in turn be allowed to use all of the photos so long as they are watermarked and a link is provided back to this blog or my Instagram account. All of my photos may be emailed to you before being posted if you prefer. Macros are available upon request. I usually only do those for holo or glitter polishes. I will share my photos on several social media sites as well as my blog. Here and here are the two I post on the most.

Turnaround time: Typically my turnaround time is 7­-10 days or less after receipt of the product. This is subject to change depending on the size of your collection or amount of product sent. There are also times when I am busier than normal, so please contact me ahead of time if you need the swatches/review by a certain date. I am willing to work with you as much as I can to make this easy on both of us. Please provide an email and tracking number when you send your product to me so I can prepare and guarantee the turnaround time suits us both. If we discuss a certain deadline and you give me less than a week to review I cannot guarantee it will get done in time.

There will be times when I post affiliate links or ads.  This helps maintain the cost of my site.  I reserve the right to include an affiliate link in any post if I wish.  You, as the reader will always know what post includes one with a button at the top of my post that says “affiliate” or “affiliate links.”

Thank you!



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