Spell Polish Dollhouse Mischief

Eight all new colors from Spell Polish…

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Available Friday, May 13th at 9am EST

“This collection was inspired by the magic of childhood imagination and the stories we all dreamt up while playing. I used flakies, hearts and iridescent glitters and some colors that are fun to layer and play with!” – Heather (maker of Spell Polish)

Heather is amazingly creative and talented!  Below is a poem she had attached to the polish description email.

Their beautiful dollhouse was regal and grand,

built by their father and carefully planned.

For when they would play with this magical prize,

they stepped in a house fully fit for their size…

There are three tinted flakie toppers in this collection.  I will show them first.  Heather said they look great over silver.  I didn’t realize they were toppers until after I swatched them, so I kept them as is.

“Through the Keyhole” is a jade green jelly topcoat with iridescent flakies.  Shown here is three coats.  I swatched this alone and not as a top coat.  It got thicker than I would have liked.  I am sure this would be great for leadlighting and nail art!


“Under the Floorboards” is a cool pinkish-red jelly topcoat with iridescent flakies.  This is another topper that I swatched as a regular polish.  Shown is three coats.  Very shiny and smooth on its own.


“The Missing Doll” is a candy pink jelly topcoat with multi chrome flakies.  This is the third tinted flakie topper.  Shown is three coats.  This one didn’t get as thick as the other two, but you can clearly see the VNL.  I think this would be great over a pale pink creme.


“Broken Teacup” is a baby pink crème with matte and iridescent glitters.  Shown is three coats plus top coat.


“The Creaky Chair” is a jade/turquoise chrome with silver flakies.  Shown is three coats plus top coat.


“Clue in the Canopy” is a milky jade crème with matte and iridescent glitters.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.  This one is textured and needs to be sealed with a glossy topcoat.


“The Secret Staircase” is a gilded gold metallic foil.  Shown is three coats plus top coat.


“Widow’s Walk” is a warm red with a subtle pink shimmer and a holo finish.  Love this one so much!  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


Don’t forget!  These will be available next week!

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