Polished For Days To the Moon and Back

One thing is usually certain about Polished for Days…when I get nail mail from Jenna I know it is going to be beautiful and I that I will need a dictionary. ­čÖé ┬áThis held true once again as Polished for Days brings us their┬ánew collection. ┬áTo the Moon and Back is inspired by the Moonchild Glow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills and is filled with new words and gorgeous holos.

This collection launches at 11am PST on March 31st.  Save $1 on each polish for the first 72 hours.


Every one of these colors only needed 2 coats and one coat of top coat.


“Alcmene” is Latin for “might of the moon.” ┬áThis is a medium grey base with holo flakes and a strong orange/violet shimmer.


“Atlas” is the tiny smooth surfaced moon of Saturn. ┬áThis is a periwinkle holo with holo flakes and copper shimmer.


“Chan” is Sanskrit for “moon.” ┬áThis is a sheer violet base with sterling silver flakes, purple-blue-gold-pink chrome flakes, silver holo flakes, and a copper shimmer.


“Hala” is Arabic for “moon halo.” ┬áThis is a silver holographic flake base with fuchsia-gold-copper chrome flakes and a strong pink shimmer.


“Kamaria” is Swahili for “beauty of the moon.” This is a silver holographic flake base with gold-copper-green chrome flakes and a strong green/rose shimmer.


“Mahina” is Hawaiian for “moonlight.” ┬áThis is a silver holographic flake base with navy-purple-teal chrome flakes and a strong blue/purple shimmer.

I also did a bit of nail art.  I sponged all of the colors over black and added some stars.  I think it turned out ok, but better in person for sure!

Thanks for reading!



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