Pipedream Polish Watermarble Galore!!!

So I recently acquired the A Night in Vegas Collection by Pipedream Polish…Wowza!  Yes I have seen it used in watermarbles before, but never had I had the chance to use them.  Until about 3 weeks ago.  And since then I have done several watermarbles with it. I am going to share four with you now but keep checking back for more as I know I am not done with these polishes yet!

First let’s talk color!  This way you will know what I am talking about when I name them below.


The pink is “On The List.”  Orange is “110 Degrees.”  Purple is “VIP Pass.”  Yellow is “Light of Day.”  Green is “High Roller.”  Teal is “Happy Hour.”  And last but not least the blue is “All In.”

Now for the fun part!  The watermarbles.  Note:  At the very end I have a list of instructions on how I do all of my watermarbles.


This is 21 glorious rings using the entire collection.  It is hypnotizing!  This was the beginning of my PDP experience and it was definitely a good one!  I used these rings to create a feathered watermarble.  Feathered is a look achieved by making the petals as close and small as you can and ending up looking…well, feathery.


Tada!  Feathery!

This next look is the easiest and most basic watermarble.  It consists of dropping polish into your cup and pulling it to the edges in only 2 places.  For this look I used Light of Day, 110 degrees and On the List.


The next watermarble started as a pointed petal look, but i decided to dip in a different place at the last minute.  I really enjoy the outcome.  I have many people ask me why I waste so much polish and do so much work and only dip one nail.  Well, if I would dip all of my nails into the water at once I would never achieve this look and would end up with a mess.  This was created using Light of Day, VIP Pass and Happy Hour.


This next mani is what I have been calling my 10k mani.  I posted this the day I reached 10,000 followers on Instagram.  I was just playing around with the polish and came up with this design…and fell in love!


I used On the List, 110 degrees and VIP Pass.  I am so happy with the results and hope you like it as much as I do.


All of these designs and more are on my Instagram account, including tutorials. Please check them out and comment on a picture to let me know you saw this post.  Have a marble-ous day!

The way I do every watermarble…

1. I start with a clean white base.

2. I apply liquid latex (don’t use this if you have a latex allergy) on my skin around the nail for easier clean up.  You can use other things other than liquid latex, but this is all I have tried.

3.  After the latex is dry, I drop my polish into room temperature distilled water letting every drop spread completely so they don’t bleed into each other.

4.  I then use my Pure Color 7 watermarble tool from What’s Up Nails Store to make the design.

5. Next I dip my finger into the water directly over top the design I like the best.

6. While my finger is still in the water I use a Q-tip to clean the surface of the water.  You don’t want any polish left in the water or it could ruin your design.

7.  I then slowly pull my finger out of the water and remove the latex.

8. Using a clean up brush and acetone I clean up any leftover polish.

9. Last is top coat.  I use HK Girl by Glisten and Glow.

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