My Mani Space = My Happy Place

I finally redid my nail room and now I never want to leave it!

If you are like me, you have that one room in your house that has no use at all but holding crap.  That is/was my catch-all room.  Nail room/office/storage/hubby’s hunting gear…everything was in that room. Well, there is still all of that stuff, but now it is organized and heavenly!  And don’t tell my hubby, but I am slowly phasing his stuff out! 😉

The DH bought me a helmer for my birthday and made me two more shelves for Mother’s Day.  So,  I decided to rip the room apart and paint and reorganize.   I also ended up ordering a new corner desk.

This is my haven!


In the next few photos I am going to break down my space and provide you with as many links as possible. (The desk on the left is my photo area.  I do not have a separate or close up pic of that.)


This is my main work space.  Yes, I have two clocks in this photo, but since this was taken the red clock was hung up.  The wooden spice shelf on the left holds all of my “to swatch” polishes.  The orange frog is a gift from my son. 😉  Then I have lots of nail tools and brushes, acetone and pure acetone, base coats, top coats, ring holder, and my swatch ball.  The Simply Neat Miracle Mat and Lip Brush holders can be found here.

These shelves were made by my husband.  They are wooden and spray painted with a flat black paint.  The photo on the left is all of my Colors by Llarowe, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension, and Glam Polish.  The photo on the right is Frenzy, Lavish Polish, AEngland, NailNation 3000, Pipedream, Fair Maiden, Powder Perfect, Grace-full Nail Polish, Glisten & Glow, and a few others.


This is where the rest of my polishes are.  Gray helmers from Ikea.  Love my helmers!  I also have a few magnets from The Holo Pineapple and Cupcake Polish.  The helmer helper is from Green Goddess Creations.


This ring is filled with all of my indie business cards.  Every indie that has ever sent me a card is right here.  I love them!  Indie makers put so much thought and time into their cards, I could never just throw them away!


How cute is this vinyl?!  This is from JustRicarda.  The nail polish stickers are from Love, Angeline.  Every time I ordered from her I got a new one and just kept adding them to my laptop.  I also have a white one, but it is on my phone.


One more closer look at this.  Those prints are from Ermahgerd Perlish’s store.  Her boyfriend/husband painted them.  I love them!  I recently ordered two more to place on my other shelves.

Here are two pics of the other sides of my space.

 This is my hubby’s side.



I hope you enjoyed this post about my haven!  This seriously is my happy place!  The kids and hubby always know to look for me here first.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments!  Thank you!

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  1. ‘Phasing your hubby’s stuff out’ ???????? Okay can I borrow him maybe for a week? ✈️ ???? Ask him to bring carpentry tools and paint! Your nail room is my dream room and soooo organised! #goals ????

    1. Have to slowly phase him out so he doesn’t suspect it! ???? I do the painting, he does the carpentry. We will make it a group effort!! So glad you like it! Thank you!

  2. That is one Great Room! It looks so neat, roomy and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to spend as much time there as possible! It must feel fantastic to walk into it and look around. Congratulations!

  3. It looks amazing! What a great place to relax and paint nails! Did you make those curtains, or where did you buy them? They really look great.

  4. I love this set up! It’s perfectly organized and I adore that you have more than 1 area to work at. The shelves are really beautiful and I really believe when a man goes through that much trouble for his wife it’s a certainty he is a keeper! The black and dark grey colors look great with the pop of reds in the sheers and the chest. It’s very welcoming and has lots of natural light, and the hunting items are in a beautiful cabinet which only adds to the space imo. I could see spending hours in there with no problem! I’m hoping to get a polish room myself soon, I have 4 helmers so it’s a decent start, I just need to save up for a trip to IKEA and clean out the spare bedroom 😉

    1. Thank you so much!!! I have changed a few things around since this post. I also added another Helmer and I think I have my hubby talked into making me corner shelves!

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