Laquered Up and loving it!

I recently bought two polishes from Laquered Up and I love them! The maker Jessica was even nice enough to throw in a third for free.

These polishes are beautiful! They apply smoothly, dry semi fast and look great! And what’s even better?? Super fast shipping and a note from the maker herself. That always puts a smile on my face!


This first one is Fortune Teller. A beautiful duochrome glitter that shifts from purple, to blue, to blackish depending on the light. She is very hard to photograph though. Shown here is two coats plus top coat.


This is Bubble Bath, my free one, so I love it even more. The silver lavender color of this polish is absolutely stunning! Shown here is two coats plus top coat.


This is Wonderland!!! And this is what made me check out her store to begin with. This is a light holo glitter that I have applied over white. The sun wasn’t cooperating that day or I would have gotten a sun shot too. Shown here is one coat over one coat of white and top coat.


Of course I added some nail art on top. The video tutorial can be found here.


With this macro you can definitely see the glitter.  Next time I use this I think I will add another coat just to get more of the amazing glitter to stand out! Check out Lacquered Up’s store here.

  1. I mentioned the unpredictability of water marble on Instagram, today I had to give up. I wear acrylics so on 4 nails on 2 hands I have white and then a heavy coat of clear Shelac so none will get damaged when I do the Wm and might need to remove it if I mess up. Today after 3 hours in a cool room with the same polishes I always use. The polishes would not spread and the
    ones that would spread would’nt spread
    evenly and I could not get a perfect circle
    . I gave up as the top of my white was coming of with the acetone even with the Shelac top coat.Do u run into issues it drives me nuts I hate giving up:(

    1. I run into issues constantly, but I keep at it and get it to work. If it is polish you always use, did it get too old or thick? That could be a problem.

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