KBShimmer New MultiChromes

KBShimmer is just killing it lately with well loved finishes.  I showed you the neons earlier today and their Polish Con Exclusives last week.  Now I will be showing you the new multi-chromes they are adding to their collection.  These six multichromes are super shifty and look different at all times.  I tried capturing all of the shifts, but it is almost impossible.

“Multi-Chrome polishes are some of the most distracting nail polishes ever.  Changing, shifting, morphing colors all based on the angle of your tips.  These polishes are jaw-dropping, just by changing the angle you view your nails at, you can see an instant flip of your polish color, no sun or temperature change needed!  Just move your fingers and toes and watch the magic as these polish shades dazzle you with their magical color shifting power.  Joining fan favorites Shade Shifter and Pigment of My Imagination are 6 all new multi chrome shades.”

These 6 polishes will be available at Polish Con on April 29th and available online and in select salons and retailers on May 5th.


All of the photos shown are three coats plus top coat.  I also have different lighting to catch the shifts of the polishes.


“Flip Flop Hooray” is a multichrome that shifts from emerald green to teal and navy.  There are hints of purple and magenta as well.


“Iridescent Exposure” is a multichrome that starts with a dusty teal and then shifts to cyan, blue, purple and magenta.


“Chroma Chameleon” is a multichrome that shifts from a bright fuchsia pink, to coppery rose to gold and then green.


“Wine Not?” is a multichrome that starts as a warm burgundy then shifts to different shades of purple with gold and bronze.


“Puns and Roses” is a soft multichrome that starts as a rosy pink and then shifts to yellow gold and green.


“It’s a Blazing” is a warm toned multichrome that shifts from burgundy to bronze with hints of golden yellow and orange.

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