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I was recently sent three designs from It’s a Nail! to swatch and review.  These are brought to you by Incoco.  The inside of their brochure states that each applique is made out of three layers: base, color and top coat.  They also have been featured in many magazines such as InStyle, Glamour and Seventeen.  And now celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez have been seen wearing them.



The designs are beautiful!  They have over 20 options for full nail designs.  Over 10 plain colors, 4 special effect top coats and sets of accent nail appliques.  Each package comes with 16 double-ended nail appliques, 1 pink file and 1 silver tape.  There are 8 sizes in all, so you can get one full manicure plus a few accent nails from one package.  All of their links will be available at the end of my post.


These are the three I was sent.  I was happy because I actually got to chose what ones I would review.


This first one is “Wild One.”  A gorgeous golden bronze with leopard print.



No top coat is needed after these are applied, however, I did not use a top coat and 30 minutes later you could see little nicks and tears in a few places.  I made sure to top coat the other two.


This is “Take a Chance.”  It is a pearl white with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds.  I think this design is so cute!  Would be great to wear to a casino!



The directions are super simple and work great.  However they weren’t specific on where to place the applique when first putting it on your nail.  I found that if you line it up on the side first and then gently pull towards the other side you will get a better placement.  There is less chance of creases when done this way.  And less likely it will rip. Also, it says in step number 4 that to realign or resize, peel off the nail strips, re-position and re-apply.  Do not do this!  I tried and failed miserably.  The strip wants to stick to itself and gets creased easily after it is removed from the nail.  So if you think it looks good on the first try, leave it alone! 😉

The directions also say to file the excess off.  I found that once the design is in place, if you pull the applique down off of your free edge it comes right off.  Then just buff the edge slightly to remove any roughness.  The file they include in the packaging is a small emery board type. I noticed that when I used their file it left tiny little grains on the edge of my nail.  I opted to use a buffer.


This is “Good Times.”  This one must be a best seller of their’s.  I am starting to see it more and more.  I love this design, but could never free hand it, so this wrap is perfect!



To remove these wraps I used pure acetone.  I found that regular acetone removed the design but left a tacky substance on top of my nail.  The pure acetone removed what was left behind.

Overall, if you love nail art but aren’t able to do it yourself, this is the way to go!  No cutting or heat needed like other nail wraps.  These are simply peel, stick, pull and file.

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  1. I have used some that are not so great! I will certainly be trying out this brand, because the ones that have been good were amazing! Thanks!

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