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A stamping plate made in the USA!

I was recently sent a stamping plate from It Girl Nail Art to swatch and review.  It Girl is based out of Tacoma, WA and for their first launch they made three fashion plates: IG101, IG102, and IG103. They will be $13.50 each + shipping. But if you buy during their pre-sale you can bundle and get a discounted price for all three.  The pre-sale started July 26th and lasts until August 4th.  They are hoping to have more plates released in the fall.  All of their store links will be at the end of this post.

The place I received is IG102 which is mainly lines and angles.  It has some gorgeous designs!  The only problem I ran into is that two out of the 10 images wouldn’t pick up for me at all.  I talked to the owner/maker and she said that her swatchers/bloggers were sent test plates which might have been etched too deeply, but she is aware and they are trying to prevent that for their actual sale plates.


This is the plate I received.  The top right corner image and the second one in from the left on the bottom were the two I had trouble with.  It could also be due to the large about of negative space in the image itself.

The plate itself is made very well and the upkeep is simple.  Lint free wipes and acetone is all it took to keep mine clean.  The images are large which is great for someone with long nails.

For all of the swatches I am going to show you I used my Creative Shop Stamper.  And to keep things simple with all eyes on the stamping itself I used Color Club Halo Hues and black stamping polish from Konad.









Overall I am satisfied with the plate. Of course there will have to be some tweaking done to fix the non pick up issue.  The owner/maker Nicole seems wonderful and has great customer service and a quick response time. I am sure this company and their plates will be a success and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

It Girl Nail Art Etsy Store

It Girl Nail Art Storenvy

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