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Get ready for a beautiful collection from Grace-full Polish…

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Oy With The Poodles Already collection is a 7 piece collection inspired by the tv show the Gilmore Girls.  This collection will release on Friday, May 20th at 7pm AEST or CST for the US.

Theresa, the maker, also sent me how the polishes got their names.  I added her words into the descriptions below.

“Where You Lead” is a gorgeous multi chrome that shifts from purple to pink to red and to orange.  Base on Loralei, it reflects her strength and the many sides that there are to this determined single Mom.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“Luke’s Shirts” is a navy jelly with micro glitters in red, burgundy, emerald, blueberry, and navy.  A strong color base with the manly color glitters that you find in the shirts Luke is always wearing.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“I’m Smad” is a bright purple shimmer with multi color ultra chrome flakies  This polish is fun and bright with complexity i n the flakies and shimmer which sums up Sookie to [me.] The base color is the color of Sookie’s chef jacket when she says, “I’m so sad and I’m mad.  I’m smad.” Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“I Will Follow” is a royal blue linear holo.  It is also the second line of the theme song and had to go to Rory.  To [me] nothing could show Rory as well as a royal blue linear holo. (Representing both Chilton Prep and Yale.)  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“Copper Boom” is a copper holo like base and is full of copper ultra holo glitter.  The name comes from the episode; ‘The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale’ where we are introduced to a new pop culture phrase: “Copper Boom.”  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“Stars Holo” is a deep mint holo with siler and turquoise glitter.  Stars Hollow is where the Gilmore Girls is based and Theresa says “This town always screamed green to me, so the choice for this polish was easy.”  The inclusion of holo glitters represents the colorful people who live in the town.


“Michel’s Underwear” is a deep blue jelly with ultra chameleon flakes in blue, green, gold, and pink.  Michel is one of Theresa’s favorite characters and this polish had to have the refined side of him as well as the colorful bright side.  The name came from a Loralei quote where she says “Michel split his pants and his underwear’s pink and shiny.”  So this polish had to have flakes that showed that flash of pink.  Shown is two coats plus a matte top coat.


After swatching this collection and reading so much about the tv show, I HAVE to watch it.  I am shamed to admit that I never have.  Netflix, here I come!


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