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I am so so excited to share this new LE shade with you!

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Thirteen is a special Limited Edition shade and is a collaboration with….ME!  That’s right!  This is why I am so excited to share this with you!  This is my very first collaboration and I couldn’t be more pleased. Glam Polish nailed the color exactly! (Pun intended.)

glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-2 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-1

I have been swatching for Glam Polish for about 10 months and in that 10 months we have developed a great relationship.  Awhile back we were talking about how wonderful fall is and what a beautiful time of year.  I told Rachel how I got married in the fall and it was gorgeous.  Leaves changing, crisp fall air, beautiful colors.  We ending up chatting about my wedding and the colors of my wedding.

A week or so later, Rachel sent me a video of a gorgeous plum glitter polish and said she made it in honor of my 13th wedding anniversary.  I was ecstatic!  I have never had a custom polish or anything similar to this!  She then asked me what I would like to name it…it was a no brainer.  My husband and I have been married 13 years.


My wedding anniversary is September 27th, but this beauty will release Friday, September 30th at 1pm EDT.



“Thirteen” is an aubergine jelly with bright purple glass flecks, gold flakes, light gold glass flecks and fine gold holo microglitter.  Shown is two coat plus top coat.

glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-5 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-6 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-7 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-8

Get ready for some close ups!

glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-9 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-10 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-11

And next it is shown with a matte top coat.

glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-12 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-13

I know I am overwhelming you with photos, but I just couldn’t stop! 🙂

glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-3 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-16 glam-polish-delishious-nails-thirteen-13-le-17

To me, this color is perfect!  It is like my wedding…in a bottle! I wore an ivory dress with gold trim.  My bridesmaids wore aubergine.  This is a perfect match!

I am still in awe over this whole collab!  I could not have asked to be a part of a prettier polish.

Make sure to check out my Instagram account for a giveaway of 13!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh my gosh wow how exciting! And the shade is divine! I remember you saying your wedding colours were purple and gold! Beautiful swatches!!

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