Glam Polish December LE Fan Group Exclusives

Two gorgeous purple shades…I am in L-O-V-E!

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Earlier today I showed you the new LE collection Every Witch Way by Glam Polish.  Now I am going to share the new LE Fan Group Exclusives for December.  Glam is celebrating their three year anniversary with their USA shipper.  To celebrate the occasion they have created two stunning new shades.

glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-7 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-7

To order these you must be a member of the Glam Fan Group on Facebook.  If you are already a member you can keep scrolling, if not, please join them here.



“Polish Fairy” is a periwinkle tinted jelly base with ultra holo glitter, holo micro glitter, and strong blue/violet/red shimmer.  This dries textured and needs a top coat.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.

glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-1 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-3 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-4 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-5 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-polish-fairy-6



“Shipping Wizard” is a bright purple base with blue/violet/red glass flecks, shimmer, and holo flakes.  This dries semi matte.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.  Let me just say how gorgeous this shade is.  Then let me just say that this is a tricky tricky shade to capture correctly.  On my laptop this looks very blue.  On my phone this is color accurate.  So when trying to decided if you want this one make sure to check out a bunch of swatches and on different screens.  And I am not alone in this.  I have checked out other swatches and the same thing happens.  Remember, this is more purple than blue!

glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-1 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-3 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-4 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-5 glam-polish-group-exclusive-shipperversary-shipping-wizard-6

I would also like to say a quick thank you to Nikki (the Glam Polish US shipper.)  She goes above and beyond to make sure everything gets shipped quickly and packed perfectly.  Thanks Nikki!

Don’t forget that you must be a member to order these beauties!

Thanks for reading!

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