Girly Bits Warrior Goddess Collection

Today I have a beautiful six piece creme set to show you.  I am usually sharing holographic or flake filled polishes, so this is a bit of a change in pace.  These new polishes from Girly Bits are all work appropriate and also perfect for nail art!

The Warrior Goddess Collection is a set of 6 dusty cremes inspired by the strength of women.  This collection launches Friday, February 17th at 12 pm Noon EST and they will be $15.00 CAD each. If you purchase the entire collection before March 3rd at 11:59 pm EST you will save $1.00 per bottle.


These cremes have a flawless application and super shiny finish.  All are shown with no top coat and some only needed one coat!  As women, we are all Warrior Goddesses.  How are you one?


“Ambition” is a dusty hunter green.  Shown is ONE coat.  As a mom I feel the need to have ambition.  Ambition to start the day even when I’m exhausted.  Ambition to make myself a woman that my children and husband can be proud of.


“Beautiful Soul” is a dusty lilac.  Shown is ONE coat.  I feel like every Warrior Goddess has a beautiful soul.  Or at least I like to believe it.


“Denim & Diamonds” is a dusty denim blue.  Shown is two coats.  Sometimes Diamonds are just the best accessory to a great pair of jeans! 😉


“Irreplaceable” is a neutral light stone greige (grey beige.)  Shown is two coats.  I am irreplaceable to my children and that is a good feeling.


“Love Yourself First” is a dusty pink.  Shown is two coats.  This is a very important one. If you can’t love yourself first, it will be very hard to love others.


“Yes, We Can!” is a medium neutral taupe.  Shown is two coats.  This says it all.  We can, we will, and we do!

These polishes also stamp!  Shown below is a gradient using Irreplaceable, Beautiful Soul, and Ambition.  The stamping was done using Denim & Diamonds and Uber Chic plate 4-01.

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