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Two all new Colors of the Month are here!

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Omigod…It is October!  I feel like I just posted the September LE’s!  But, I probably said that last month too!  I have been staying busy with being a mom, a blogger, and an adult in general, that time seems to be flying!

These two new colors seem so perfect for October! One sparkly green and one deep and dimensional black.

*This CoTM (color of the month) Duo is a limited edition and will be launching September 6th.  Each month Girly Bits will have a new selection of polishes that will only be available in their dedicated month.  They will be available twice.  The first launch day will be the 6th of each month and there will be a 5 day unlimited pre-order. (Shipping will begin on or before the end of the pre-order.) They will be available again on the 24th of the month and will be limited in stock.  The second launch will run until the polishes are sold out or until the last day of the month, whichever happens first.



“Spooktacular” is a deep brown, nearly black jelly base, with red and copper metallic flakes, plus a dusting of holographic twinkle.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.

girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-2 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-3 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-4

This one was hard to capture. It is so shiny that you see more reflections than the actual polish, so I added a matte coat shown below.

girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-matte-1 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-matte-2 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-spooktacular-matte-3



“Goblin It Up” is a slime green foil finish with an assortment of gold flakes.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.  I think this is such a great green!  And I love how the foil finish didn’t stick around after I took this color off.  Sometimes metallics and foils will do that to me.

girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-goblin-it-up-2 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-goblin-it-up-3 girly-bits-cosmetics-october-2016-cotm-goblin-it-up-4

I love the little tiny flakes in this one!  The macros remind me of candied apples – Granny Smith of course! 😉

Make sure to get these babies!  You have two chances as stated above.

Thanks for reading!

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