Frenzy Polish “Mockingjay”

Frenzy polish is releasing another amazing collection this Wednesday, November 25th at 6pm EST.This collection is beautiful with a wide array of colors and types.  All of the polishes dry fast, like most Frenzy Polish and they always seem to sparkle just a bit more when you apply top coat.


“Effie” is a purple jelly with purple, pink, and gold glitter/shimmer.  It is amazing and has great coverage.  Shown is two coats plus topcoat.


“If We Burn” is a red jelly with scattered holo, red shimmer and silver glitter.  Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.


“Little Duck” is a taupe/pale mauve depending on the skin tone.  There is micro glitter and some flakes scattered about.  Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.


“Mockingjay” is a deep blurple with gold flakes.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.  This one dried a bit matte for me, but once the top coat was applied it brought out a beautiful shimmer.


“Real or Not Real” is a teal jelly holo.  Shown is three coats plus top coat.


“Squad 451” is a black jelly with silver and gold holo glitters and a slight purple shift.  Shown is three thin coats plus top coat.


“Three Fingered Salute” is a grey creme with green flakies and green shimmer.  This dries matte, but I used a high gloss top coat over three thin coats.


“Tribute” is a blue jelly with blue and gold glitters.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


They are all gorgeous as you can tell.  And as a whole collection they flow well together.  Make sure to check out my Instagram page for nail art using these colors.

*Disclaimer* Some of these and most polishes I swatch won’t need as many coats for everyone else.  I have very distinct smile lines and a bright free edge which really shows up in pictures.  So just because they look transparent on my nails, does not mean they will on yours.

Don’t forget to set a reminder for the launch of these beauties!  November 25th at 6pm EST.

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