Delishious Destash Sale

Delishious Destash Sale

Today I have polishes to sell!

So not only am I a swatcher/blogger of indie nail polishes, I am also a collector and a hoarder.  I have a hard time parting with any of these pretties, but space is becoming limited and they are not all getting the love and attention they deserve.  I hate to part with any of these, but I have to at this point.  This has been very difficult!


Delishious Destash Sale
*These are examples of what is on my destash board on Pinterest*

Some of these polishes have been sent to me as press samples and others have been purchased by me or gifted to me.


You can see all of the polishes on my Pinterest page here.  It is all organized by brand with the prices listed.  Most of the polishes are $5 each.  I continue to add to the board weekly as I come across a polish that is hidden away in a drawer.  Polishes are deleted from the board as they are sold.  Sometimes Pinterest does not like to cooperate.  All of the names of each individual polish are there, but you may have to actually click on a pic and scroll down to see the name.  I have also come across buyers that actually have to hit the ‘save’ button to see the name. Sorry, I have no control over that part.

Some of the brands:

Live Love Polish




Gracefull Nail Polish

Different Dimension

Ever After


Girly Bits


Painted Polish


  • This is for US addresses only.
  • Pending polishes will only be held for 24 hours.
  • All polishes have been swatched on 4 fingers unless noted otherwise in the description.
  • After sitting for some time, some of these polishes have separation which can be remedied.


Payment will be done through PayPal.  After the form at the bottom of the page is filled out and none of the polishes you requested are already pending, I will invoice the email address you provide.  It may take up to 24 hours for me to invoice you.  If two or more people are requesting the same polish it will become a first-come, first-serve situation.


Shipping is $4.50 for the first bottle purchased and then $.50 for each additional polish.  If you buy 7 or more it becomes Priority shipping.  If you purchase 12 or more shipping is FREE.


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at


Thanks for reading!

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