Cupcake Polish Seashell Collection

Today I am going to be sharing the all new Seashell Collection from Cupcake Polish.  I have always had a love for seashells.  When I was younger we were at a beach (can’t remember which one) and in one of the little gift shops they had a glass bottle filled with the tiniest of tiny seashells in it.  I had to have it!  Some were regular coloring and some had that opal look to them.  I actually think my mom still has this bottle somewhere…

Sara is known for making some amazing holos but this time she added a twist.  All 6 of these shades are packed with iridescent glitters.  These glitters are shifty and can’t always be seen in bright lighting, so I also used some indirect lighting to show off the glitters.  The indirect lighting dulls the holo a bit, but believe me when I say that these are all intense linear holo!  All swatches are shown as two coats plus top coat with the bright light photos first and the indirect lighting second.


This collection launches February 4th at 11am CST.


“All Washed Up” is a medium blue linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.

Indirect lighting


“Mermaid You Look” is a teal linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.

Indirect lighting


“Oh Ship” is a silver linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.  I think this is my first silver Cupcake shade!

Indirect lighting


“Pier Pressure” is a pink linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.

Indirect lighting


“Sea Duction” is a purple linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.

Indirect lighting


“Wait and Sea” is an orange linear holo packed with iridescent glitters.

Indirect lighting

All 6 of these polishes are beautiful and easy to apply.  The removal wasn’t like a normal glitter.  The holo base came off fast and easy, a few stray glitters hung around but I just went back over them with polish remover.  As a collection they are all gorgeous together as well.  So, I had to keep playing.

Below is a simple nail art look I did by starting with a white base and then randomly sponging on the polishes.  I then stamped on top with Painted Polish Midnight Mischief and Winstonia plate W404.

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous and stunning. And your pictures are so amazing. Thank you so much for the indirect light pictures, I think they are huge + as they really show off the secret in the polishes.
    I am in total awe… <3

  2. Your swatches are gorgeous as always. I really liked that you showed the polishes in indirect light, as that shows how it will look 80% of the time, in the dull and grey skies of the UK! Thanks ?

    1. Thank you so much! We have dull and grey skies here in Pennsylvania right now too! And snow! So no sunlight photos from me for awhile. ?

  3. Thanks for including the indirect lighting photos, I wouldn’t have realized there were iridescent glitters in these otherwise! I haven’t seen any photos of this collection that they were noticeable before yours 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Kellie!!! I’m not a huge fan of what it does to the holos but the glitters really show up this way. I’m so glad you noticed!

  4. Thank you for having info about removal. My skin has problems with acetone so I avoid difficult to remove polishes. I appreciate you letting us know about the removal!

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