Cosmic XOdus Part II

Polished by KPT has a brand new collection and has graced me with the honor of swatching!

Cosmic XOdus Part II is launching December 12th at 12pm PST.  This collection consists of 8 lacquers in various finishes.  Surely something for everyone!


For every one of these swatches I have also included an underwater shot to show off the shift better.  So if you are wondering why my skin tone is a bit “off” you know why.  So let’s dive in…pun intended 😉

“Electromagnetic” is a stunning blurple.  In all actuality it is a multi chrome of purple, blue and violet but it is very camera shy.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.



“Show Me Polaris” is a multi chrome thermal polish that changes from blue, violet and purple.  The warm state is a soft opal-like color.  Shown is three thin coats with the transition on my pinky and ring finger.  This polish is the thermal version of “Electromagnetic.”




“Sol” is a duo chrome thermal that is a rich orange when cold and a light peach when warm.  There is also a gorgeous gold shift.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.



“Gaia” is a deep green teal duo chrome thermal polish. In the cold state it is a deep green teal with blue and purple color shifts.  When warm it is a transparent light green.  Shown is three thin coats plus top coat with the transition being on the pinky and ring finger.


“Dancing Around Jupiter” is a rich burgundy duo chrome.  There is also a slight shift of gold and violet.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“Zero Gravity” is a stunning copper brown duo chrome with a gold and violet shift.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.


“Quantum” is a magenta multi chrome with a blue and purple color shift.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.  This polish is the non thermal version of “A Dream With A Dream” which is another polish by Polished by KPT.


“Snow On Saturn” is an amazing chameleon glitter topper filled with blue flakes, silver micro holo glitter, and tons of color shifting properties.  Shown is one coat over black plus top coat.


So now that you have seen the entire collection, set a reminder for December 12th at 12pm PST.  These polishes are so beautiful and perfectly made!

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