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Color Club Stamping plates are now available at Color4Nails.

rsz_button_fotor is now carrying the Color Club stamping plates.  There are tons of them!  I have three plates to show you today.  Each plate has 12 images and costs $10.  They can all be found here.

color club stamping plates

The three that were sent to me are Crosses, Wonderland, and Mary Jane.  I used Pueen stamping polish and my Creative Shop Stamper for all three plates.  I tried different polishes and different stampers, but these are the ones that worked the best.  I found some, not all, of these images to be extremely difficult to pick up.  Maybe they aren’t etched well.  I tried every trick of the trade and a few images just didn’t want to cooperate.


Up first is the Crosses plate.  This has 12 images of different crosses and/or Xs.

crosses color club stamping plate

I used Nasty Nails “Raw Dawg” as the base and Pueen “Black Jack” for the stamping.  I wanted to keep this neutral to really show off the images.  I topped it off with a matte top coat.

Color Club stamping plate crosses


Up next is the Mary Jane plate.  This is not something I would ever ever pick for myself.  I am not a prude at all, I would just rather not have marijuana plants on my nails. 😉

mary jane color club stamping plate

For this look I used Cirque Colors “Memento Mori” as the base and Pueen “Amazon Moss” for the stamping.  These images picked up fairly well, better than the other two plates.  I topped it off with a matte top coat.

Color Club Stamping Plate Mary Jane


Lastly is the Wonderland plate.  For as many images as this could have contained I was quite bored with it.

wonderland color club stamping plate

For this look I used Nasty Nails “The Indrani” and Colors by Llarowe “Devilish” for the base.  The stamping was done with Pueen in “Pure White” and “Black Jack.”

Color Club Stamping Plate Wonderland

I normally add more flair to my stamping nail art, but I really wanted my readers to see the images and not just art.  This way you can make educated purchases. And I wish you the best of luck with the tricky ones.  Maybe it was just me.  Maybe I had a bad stamping day.

There are so many amazing plates that Color Club has made, I would love to try others!  The 80’s one and skull one caught my eye for sure!

Get yours at today!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really appreciate honest reviews. You still managed to create some great manis despite the issues but I think, like you, I’d like the skulls and 80s plates!

  2. Definitely not you having a bad stamping day! I got the Star Plate and it was really hard to pick up with. Even my sticky stamper didn’t have luck. I finally gave up.

  3. THANK YOU for the honest reviews!! there were a few of these plates that looked interesting, but you are not the only person who’s had troubles with them, so it’s definitely not you having a bad stamping day!

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