CbL Stamping Polish?!?!

Hello lovies!  Yes, it is true…Colors by Llarowe is launching a brilliant stamping collection!

*Press Sample*

I am sure by now you have seen some of these stamping polishes on social media.  They are perfection.  I am not swayed by the fact that these were given to me to use and try out.  I stand by these polishes 110%!  Stamping for me is one of those hit or miss nail art techniques.  Depending on the plate, the stamper, the polish used, etc, it would take me anywhere between 1-3 tries per nail to get a design exactly how I envisioned it. However, with these stamping polishes it was easy from start to finish! No removing and starting over, no wonky looking designs.  And…these polishes can also be used alone, like a regular polish.  Just make sure to add a high gloss top coat. 😉

Available for pre-order March 19th 12pm – 8pm MST on llarowe.com


Usually this blog is just my swatches as I hardly ever post my nail art here.  So this is new for my blog!  I am contemplating on whether to post all of my nail art here.  Weekly or monthly as to not overwhelm my readers! 😉  Please leave me a comment if you would like to see more nail art here.  Now on to the stamping!

For every look you will see my Creative Shop Stamper was used.  I will list the plate in the descriptions.

I do not have an individual swatch of each polish, but I can do that if you would be interested.  But please head over to the Pointless Cafe to see Sheila’s photos as she stamps them individually over black and white.  It is a great reference!

Look #1


This look was created using plate JQ-01.  I started with a black base and used Amethyst Glow (light lavender holo) on my pinky and index fingers.  Turq’d (bright turquoise holo)  was used on my ring and middle fingers.


Look #2


This look was created using Cici & Sisi plate 29.  I started with Panther (jet black holo) as my base and used Blue Skies (medium bright blue holo) and Golden Rule (gold holo) for the swirls.  This looked so much better in person and was very tricky to capture.

Look #3


This look was created using It Girl plate 102.  I started with a white base.  On my pinky is Royalty (royal blue holo), on my ring finger is Enchanted Forest (emerald green holo), on my middle finger is Golden Rule and on my index finger is The Heart Bleeds (red holo.)


Look #4


Of course I had to do a St. Patty’s Day mani!  I used Cici & Sisi plate 28 for this look.  My base is CbL Bananas And Krispy Kremes Are Better Than HBO and I used Enchanted Forest for the stamping.


Look #5


For this mani I used Turq’d as the base and stamped over it with Panther using the St. Holly plate by Gogo Only.

Look #6


I started with black base for this design.  I used the Delush Swirls and Twirls plate along with Chimney Sweep (charcoal grey holo) and Lilac Petals (medium purple holo.)

Look #7


This looks so much like vinyls to me but it isn’t.  I used the amazing Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy plate.  My pinky and index fingers are Panther as the base with Pink Lady (light pink holo) stamped on top.  My ring and middle fingers are just the opposite.  I used Pink Lady as the base and stamped with Panther.


Look #8


I started with a white base for this look.  I used the St. Holly plate by Gogo Only.  The stamping was done using Pink Lady and The Heart Bleeds.


Look #9


Feathers!  Sparkling Diamonds was used as the base.  Then BP plate 58, Lilac Petals and Hey Romeo (magenta reddened pink holo) I stamped on the feathers individually.


Look #10


Not to toot my own horn, but this is my favorite! 🙂  Sparkling Diamonds was used as the base.  From pinky to index: Lilac Petals, Enchanted Forest, Hey Romeo, and Royalty.  Cici & Sisi plate 30.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post! This is one of the most fun blog posts I have done!  Make sure your reminder is set for March 19th to pre-order these amazing stamping polishes!

Tutorials will be available for almost every one of these designs.  Head on over to my IG as they will be posted there!

*There are two multi chrome polishes not shown in this post.  But don’t worry, they will be used and posted on Instagram.

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  1. Yes, please! I’d love if you posted more nail art on the blog. I much prefer the blog format to IG and love getting to read a bit more about the polishes and techniques you are using, along with feedback on how they worked!

    1. Great! Stay tuned for more on here! I do nail art so often though, that I am thinking a weekly nail art round up is the best way. Thanks for your input!

  2. Yes yes yes!! I am unbelievably excited that CBL are heading into the stamping market! I’ve already got my list together of which ones I need first. Definitely need to see more nail art from you on your blog! Fantastic stamping.

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