Cadillacquer No Matter What

Tonight I will be showing you a mix of all different colors and finishes that make up the No Matter What collection by Cadillacquer.  These are available at Color4nails.

All of these shades are thin and all needed three coats.  The finishes are crelly and multichrome which are all usually on the thinner side.


“Atom” is a green multichrome holo that changes from red to purple to green.


“Baryon” is a dark teal blue jelly filled with different sized gold flakes and a scattered holo effect.


“Boson” is a dark burgundy jelly with small dark burgundy and iridescent glitter.


“Electron” is a bright violet crelly with two sizes of orange metallic glitter.


“Fermion” is a light lavender holo filled with different sized silver glitter, micro black glitter and a copper shimmer.


“Graviton”  is a blue multichrome holo changing from yellow to purple to pink to blue.


“Myon” is a copper/red multichrome holo changing from gold to green to red.  This is my favorite from the collection!


“Neutrino” is a light orange crelly with small multi color blue glitter.


“Photon” is a pink multichrome holo changing from green to yellow to pink.


“Positron” is a light blue crelly with hexagon and square emerald green metallic glitter.


“Tauon” is a silver/blue multichrome holo changing from green to purple/pink/red and blue.

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