A Llarowe addiction? Maybe…

So I am a little late to the Indie train, but better late than never.  I only purchased my first Indie a few months ago.  And ever since I keep trying to get my hands on all of them, but I have purchased more Colors by Llarowe than any other brand.

Back in May, my friend Jen introduced me to the world of CBL and I have been in love with these holos ever since.  Right now my collection stands at 22, which grows by about 2 or 3 a week.  I purchased some from their website, have received some as gifts, but most of them have been bought through destashes.  As I type this, I know I have more coming my way soon, so this will be part one of the pretties.

I couldn’t quite fit all of them in a picture as nicely as I would have wanted, so my collection is shown in three different groups.


From left to right: The Good Old Days, Joanna, Nice Melons, Sleeping is for Suckers, Bea Stings, You’ve Been Served, Obsessed with Marilyn and Penny for Your Thoughts

I have done swatches of all of these and they are all posted onto my Instagram account that you can find here.  I have also done some nail art with them as well.  I will share some of the art at the end of this post.


Leah Ann Larowe is a genius and I would first like to take a minute to thank her.  I know there are many brands both mainstream and indie that make holos, but her brand just holds a special place in my heart! Please don’t think that I don’t love all indies!  I do!  I just believe that every maker seems to have a certain niche, and Leah Ann’s is holo.


From left to right: Onesies, Oops (Gemini Rising), Bad Billy Pratt, House of Blues (faded), Good Fortune, Sexy Mother, Falsetto Child.

Some of these photos do not do the polishes any justice!  The true beauty of these polishes can really only be seen with the naked eye.  The transitions from indoors to in the sun is always amazing!  I could sit there and just stare at my nails without a care in the world.  And a warning…Be careful when driving while wearing these polishes.  Please focus on the road and not on your mesmerizing fingertips!


The polishes are all super easy to apply and can be easily worn with one coat.  But for all of my swatches I have used two coats plus top coat.


From left to right: Magically Delicious, Blown Away, Mercy, Put Your Party Hat On, Woman From Tokyo, Oops (Nitro), Lethal


I really can’t say enough good things about CBL.  They seem to have an amazing team! I cannot wait for the next collection!


This is my swatch of Bea Stings.  In the next picture I added some nail stencils from What’s Up Nails store and added Joanna on top.



Bad Billy Pratt.


Falsetto Child.  The next picture is also Falsetto child with added art.



Joanna is intense!  Below I added some stamping.



You’ve Been Served and Sleeping is for Suckers were used in this reciprocal gradient.


Onesies and Sleeping is for Suckers

If you have stayed with me this long, I thank you!  Some of these and more pretties can be found here.

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